Working for the Decred DAO

  • I looked into different aspects of the project and usually found some open tasks I could do, or something that wasn’t being done that would help.
  • Jake’s (approved) DCC proposal really sets the “contractor collective” (my term for it) up as a more structured constituency, with its own dispute resolution process and quite a large degree of independence from voter direction.
  • I have grown increasingly confident in the stakeholders’ collective reasoning and judgment, and expect the Treasury to fund some epic things, in the fullness of time.
  • I can do it anywhere I have a computer and some time.
  • I decide what to work on.
  • There are a variety of things to do, so monotony is not an issue.
  • I am psychologically invested in the cause, I want to see Decred and the sub-projects I work on succeed.

How does contributing to Decred work?

This blog post is for now the definitive guide to becoming a Decred contractor (contractors can bill for their time spent working on the project at an agreed rate). Becoming a contractor is a case of demonstrating that you’re a useful contributor, more on that below.

Independent research and writing

Writing posts about Decred and the blockchain space is how I started as a Decred contractor, but I would say I started contributing to the project on a smaller scale a few months before that. I was interested in following the discussions about aspects of governance (Decred’s and other projects) happening in the chat channels, and started contributing where I thought I had some useful insight to add.

This is how I look when I’m contributing to Decred. Getting one of these cool portraits was in my top 5 reasons for wanting to become a contractor.

Handling centralized channels

For a project that strives for decentralization, the handling of certain platforms which require centralized control poses interesting challenges. Some examples include:

  • the many GitHub repositories associated with the project
  • website
  • @decredproject twitter account, “official” groups on other platforms
  • Politeia moderation
  • /r/decred subreddit moderation

Proposing or starting new initiatives

Decred is a young project and will be growing for quite some time, the project has great aspirations and there is room for expansion.

Looking forward to 2019

2018 has been a rough year with prices, and it is not fun to see one’s earnings from earlier in the year fall significantly in value. There is a significant silver lining for Decred contractors however, in that payments for each month are based on a USD conversion at the average DCR price for that month. As the DCR/USD rate has fallen, the DCR/hour rate for all contractors is increasing. I don’t expect to see any drop-off in Decred’s productivity in 2019 because prices are down.

Personal roadmap

My own Decred-related plans for 2019 involve more of the same kind of thing I’ve been doing in 2018, following along and looking for useful ways I can contribute. It’s a dynamic project and I wouldn’t want to guess what that will involve past February or March. I’m not alone in thinking that growing the contributor-base with talented people is one of the main priorities though.



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Richard Red

Richard Red


Writing about cryptocurrency/blockchain projects that are doing something interesting with regard to governance. Decred contributor.