Reddit Cryptocurrency observations Part 1


Observation period: August 2017 — May 2018

In this time period /r/cryptocurrency saw a total of 281,770 post submissions; these posts were commented on 2.84 million times and had a combined score (upvotes less downvotes) of 7.1 million. Unfortunately reddit doesn’t return upvotes and downvotes through the API so there’s no way to look at how controversial posts were.

Activity levels through time

Posts/Score/Comments per day of observation period

Activity by day of the week
Post submissions and success by hour of the day
  • Percentage of Post submissions per hour
  • Percentage of Top 1% Post submissions per hour
  • Percentage of total Score accruing to posts submitted per hour
  • Score per Post for the hour, represented as a percentage of the total score per post

What kind of content is popular on /r/cryptocurrency?

Domains are a decent starting point for considering the type of content submitted and discussed. I created a table with the number of posts per domain and their summed comments and scores.

  1. Self posts (self.cryptocurrency) — These are text posts created directly by the submitting user, and they account for 45% of all post submissions, 61% of all comments, and 26% of all score. There are a lot of comments associated with daily discussion posts submitted and stickied by the automoderator daily, 618k comments or 22% of all the comments on the subreddit.
  2. Images — Links to reddit’s own image hosting service ( and other image hosting sites (e.g., Image posts account for 9% of all post submissions, 13% of all comments, and 29% of all score.
  3. Videos — Links to reddit’s own video hosting service and youtube. 4.5% of posts, 2.2% of comments and 3.6% of score.
  4. Twitter — Links to twitter, mostly to tweets. 2.4% of posts, 3.4% of comments, 5.6% of score.
  5. Links to other reddit posts — i.e. posts on other subreddits. 3.1% of posts, 1% of comments, 1.7% of score.
  6. Articles/News
  7. Project blogs


Top 20 article/news domains ordered by total score of posts.

Project Blogs/subreddits

In the list of top domains there are several associated with specific cryptocurrencies, mostly their blogs or posts on their own subreddit. For example the Iota and Request Network blogs are within the top 25 domains ordered by score.

  • How does a cryptocurrency become “popular on reddit”?
  • Are there observable differences in how cryptocurrency subreddit communities conduct themselves?

To close, some word-clouds

What better way to move on from this very general overview of /r/cryptocurrency than with some word-clouds showing the most common words from the titles of the top-scoring 10% of posts, by month.



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Richard Red

Richard Red


Writing about cryptocurrency/blockchain projects that are doing something interesting with regard to governance. Decred contributor.