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Treasury balance: 643,095 DCR (approx +11,982 DCR/month) — $11.8 million (+$221k/month) based on $18.41 DCR price

New proposals

GoDCR: GoLang Native Desktop Wallet

Published Nov 3 by raedah | edited Nov 5 |17 comments

This proposal requests a budget of $60,000 for 6 months of development funding for this new desktop wallet written in Go using the Gio library for the interface. GoDCR first appeared in a video trailer on Twitter, and when current work on vspd staking is complete an initial release is planned. The GoDCR team has four members who would be funded to continue working on it (plus Sep/Oct in arrears), @oshorefueled, @sirmorrison, @song50119, and @codemaestro64. The proposal also includes $1,000/month sponsorship for Gio, reflecting the collaboration and benefits being derived from Gio by GoDCR, with the intention that GoDCR becomes a hero application for Gio. …

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Image: Restructuring I by @saender

Decred’s highlights in October:

  • v1.6.0 had its first two release candidates, following community testing fixes and improvements are being rolled into a third release candidate which is coming soon.
  • The initial release of the dcrdex MVP on mainnet accompanied the first v1.6.0 release candidate. CLI users can now add dcrdex to the installation by adding an extra argument to the install command.
  • The attention of many community members has now turned to making the most of the proper v1.6 release when it happens, check the Outreach section to see what they’re planning.
  • Politeia celebrated 2 years in production, congratulations to the people behind the 47 approved proposals and the stakeholders who voted for them. …

With the recent initial MVP release of DCRDEX, there are some people who would like to use it and are finding it difficult. I’m not so comfortable with command line apps myself, but managed to get on the DCRDEX without too much trouble (I found it easier than using CSPP), so thought maybe my perspective on where the stumbling blocks are could come in helpful.

There is an installer command which will do most of the setup for you, but you will still have to pull some levers manually to get everything ready. I’m going to talk through what the installer is doing in case it doesn’t work 100% for you, I had a minor issue with it myself because I had already made a start on the bitcoind sync. …

This report presents an overview of Politeia activity data for the second year of its operation (Oct 16 2019 to Oct 16 2020). I have kept the analysis quite similar to last year’s report, so most of the graphs can be be directly compared with the previous post.

In this time:

  • 46 proposals have been published.
  • 38 proposals have been voted on (not counting the 4 being voted on now).
  • Of those, 21 have been approved and 17 rejected.
  • Proposal votes have an average (mean) turnout of 27.9%, with a total of 431,496 ticket votes being cast.
  • 6 proposals have been abandoned before voting started. …

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Image: Weighted Consensus by @sænder

Treasury balance: 644,710 DCR (approx +12,100 DCR/month) — $7.5 million (+$141k/month) based on $11.65 DCR price

New proposals

Decred Content and Asset Translation Proposal

Published Oct 14 by kozel | 7 comments

This proposal requests a budget of up to $40,000 for six months of translation work. It comes from the people who have been translating Decred content over the last several months, across Polish, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese languages. …

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Image: Hidden Structures on Quadratic Orbit by @saender

Decred’s highlights for September:

  • The decentralize Treasury spending PR is finally merged, after a comprehensive review process.
  • dcrdex is addressing many sophisticated trustless swap scenarios discovered in early testing, the first mainnet swap was conducted in early Oct and the MVP should be ready for general use soon.
  • The first RFP proposal on Politeia, to change messaging on, was approved, and received 4 candidate proposals. Voting will begin on these soon.
  • The on-chain metrics site, as approved by a proposal in June, has now launched.
  • The onboarding portal had its initial launch, and also had an associated proposal submitted to fund promotional giveaways, approved in early Oct. …

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Treasury balance: 639,258 DCR (approx + 12,200 DCR/month) — $7.6 million (+$146k/month) based on $11.95 DCR price

Proposals open for voting

Grassroots Marketing — growing the Decred community (

Published Sep 16 by m_ax | edited Sep 29 | 18 comments

This proposal from Pavel Svitek requests a budget of $6,485, which is broken down into $5,000 for DCR giveaway promotions and $297 per month for 5 months of maintenance and development of Development of the site was led by @pavel and the content was written by @pablito, with contributions from @El Capitan, review and editing by @richardred and @ammarooni plus some other contributors. The proposal estimates the bring-up cost of the site as $7,000-$8,000, but is not asking for back-pay and instead requests money to use in promoting the site. Much of the proposal describes the method of conducting the giveaways, which has already been trialled and further developed since the proposal was submitted. The final version of this has participants tweeting images obtained from …

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Image background by @saender for, ethereal beings and text by Richard Red

Youth Booster Credits is an idea I’ve been thinking about for a year or so, and I’m curious 1) whether people think something like this would be desirable, 2) why it wouldn’t or couldn’t work, 3) what the best approaches are to overcoming the main issues with the concept. It’s a (thought) experiment, so please discuss and I’ll be considering whatever I hear about it as part of my research. It may well feature in some way in version 1.0 of If you want to provide perspectives/input under Chatham House rules drop me a DM. …

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Treasury balance: 638,667 DCR (approx +12,345 DCR/month) — $8.5 million (+$165k/month) based on $13.37 DCR price

Proposals open for voting

Video Content Production for Decred Phase 2

Published Sep 2 by exitus | 13 comments

Voting figures as of writing: 2,933 Yes votes, 316 No votes (90% Yes) — voter participation of 7%

This proposal seeks a further 6 months of funding for @Exitus’ video production, with a maximum monthly spend of $2,700 ($16,200 total). For the first phase, monthly billing ranged from $900 to $2,400, for a total of $14,250 billed over phase 1. For phase 2, @Checkmate is joining the team to assist with script writing and feedback. …

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Image: Bidirectional by @saender

Highlights for August:

  • A v1.5.2 patch was released to fix a potential denial of service vector.
  • Team dcrdex is up to 6 active members, and they must be burning through keyboards with over 50 PRs merged in the month, clearing up bugs and edge cases as these are revealed by testing.
  • Review of the epic Treasury decentralization PR has concluded and the finishing touches are being applied.
  • vspd has been receiving some polish and work has now moved on to Decrediton and dcrwallet integrations.
  • The key elements for Politeia’s switch to tlog are now in place, once some refactoring to accommodate these is completed, testing will begin. …


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Writing about cryptocurrency/blockchain projects that are doing something interesting with regard to governance. Decred contributor.

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