It has been just over one year since I released version 0.8 of Peer Production on the Crypto Commons (PPCC), so this change log for the upgrade from version 0.8 to 1.0 is doubling as a recap of 2020. The original version of this post is on

If you…

Image: Fourier’s Square by @saender

September’s highlights:

  • Work on the DCP-8 and DCP-9 consensus changes has been completed, they are ready to be introduced for an on-chain vote to ratify them.
  • Politeia has been updated to v1.2, adding features like proposal updates and the capacity to make comparisons between any two versions of a proposal.

Image credit: @30000fps

Treasury balance: 723,671 DCR (approx +10,321 DCR/month) — $84.5 million (+$1.2M/month) based on $116.75 DCR price

New proposals

GoDCR (2021–2022)

Published Sep 22 by raedah | 23 comments

This proposal requests a budget of $200,000 for one year of continued development of GoDCR, covering May 2021 to April 2022. This represents a…

Image: Transmutive State by @saender
  • Politeia v1.1.0 has been released and deployed to the proposals site, it adds new features, including expanded metadata and enhanced UI.
  • The ticket price finally set a new all time high of 321, which even surpassed the spikes in Decred’s history, clearing the way to refer to new ticket price…

Image credit: @30000fps

Treasury balance: 714,096 DCR (approx +10,424 DCR/month) — $129 million (+$189K/month) based on $181.30 DCR price

New proposals

PR by Monde Public Relations Phase 3

Published Aug 26 by lindseymmc | 12 comments

This proposal seeks to extend the current arrangement with Monde PR by another year, at a cost of $3,500…

Image: Proximity Scaling by @saender

Highlights for July:

  • There are now 3 consensus changes in various stages of development, and the ticket revocations one is already attracting some press coverage.
  • Solid progress on all of the usual repositories — dcrd took another 10% off the initial blockchain download time, and DCRDEX has added core ETH…

Image credit: @30000fps

Treasury balance: 702,029 DCR (approx +10,634 DCR/month) — $98.6 million (+$1.5M/month) based on $140.45 DCR price

New proposals

Dubai Crypto Conference Participation

Published Jul 25 by sz1 | edited Jul 26 | 15 comments

This proposal requests funding for Decred representation at Crypto Expo Dubai in October 2021. The proposal originally offered…

Image credit: @30000fps

Treasury balance: 698,260 DCR (approx + 10,634 DCR/month) — $79.1 million (+$1.2M/month) based on $113.33 DCR price

Proposals open for voting

Automatic Ticket Revocations Consensus Change

Published Jul 6 by rstaudt | edited Jul 6 | 14 comments

Voting figures as of writing: 11,920 Yes votes, 330 No votes (97.3% …

Core Lattice by @saender

June’s highlights:

  • An upcoming consensus upgrade was approved on Politeia which would make future consensus changes easier, more reliable, and more secure.
  • A bug with the checks on treasury spending saw a limit which is too low being imposed, this will require a consensus upgrade to fix.
  • Three Politeia proposals…

Image credit: @30000fps

Treasury balance: 688,891 DCR (approx +10,848 DCR/month) — $82.1 million (+$1.3 million/month) based on $119.22 DCR price

New proposals

Decred Bug Bounty Program: Phase 4

Published Jun 6 by degeri | edited Jun 7 | 8 comments

This proposal requests a budget of $5,000 for maintenance of the program for another 1…

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Writing about cryptocurrency/blockchain projects that are doing something interesting with regard to governance. Decred contributor.

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