Image: Nodetropolis by @saender

December’s highlights:

  • Decred’s first payment to contractors from the new treasury was approved by a decentralized vote and sent.
  • Development work for the DCP-10 consensus change was completed. It will change the PoW/PoS reward split from 60%/30% to 10%/80%.
  • Politeia v1.3.1 bugfix and polishing release was deployed.
  • New participation records…

Image: Remote Node Outpost by @saender

Highlights for October:

  • Politeia celebrated its third year of operation and had another busy development month.
  • The mobile wallets proposal from @raedah was funded for another year.
  • The GoDCR proposal was rejected but a revised proposal is being prepared. Development continues to polish the wallet for a mainnet release.
  • Changes…

Richard Red

Writing about cryptocurrency/blockchain projects that are doing something interesting with regard to governance. Decred contributor.

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